Web Unleashed 2021

2021-10-20 00:00:00 2021-10-23 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2021 Drive your career to the forefront by learning the latest tools, techniques and technologies in front-end web development. Online FITC EDT Online

Accessibility Testing in the Browser
Join Deque’s Principal UI Engineer, Harris Schneiderman, as he demos the free axe DevTools browser extension. He will show how dev teams can easily find and fix a significant number… Read more…
Agile Practices from Design to Accessible HTML Development
In this talk with Dylan Barrell, he’ll give an overview of accessible agile development practices, developing accessible components from designs, and HTML testing for accessibility. There are a lot of… Read more…
Accessibility Agile Work Better
Dylan Barrell
Deque Systems
AMA on Accessibility with Rangle
On Thursday, Oct 21 at 12:45 pm, Rangle’s a11y expert Thomas Schemmer, will host an Ask Me Anything on Accessibility at Web Unleashed. In this session, Thomas will help other… Read more…
Applied Machine Learning with Onnx Runtime
There’s a vast divide between the skills required of a web developer and those of a machine learning engineer. But increasingly more often, it’s a requirement to use machine learning… Read more…
Machine Learning
Jen Looper
Building Change Into Your Design System
When design systems were a new concept, the focus was on creating a flow from design to development to deployment. But there’s a better way to address the problems of… Read more…
Business Collaboration Open Source
Chasing a Bug…
What lessons can we learn from growing grass that apply to software and management? Sometimes we need to get down in the weeds and take time to get know what’s… Read more…
Keynote Storytelling Work Better
Kyle Simpson
CSS Layout From The Inside Out
We spent years trying to get floats to give us a 12-column grid. Then flexbox came along, and it was better at making a 12-column grid. Then grid layout landed,… Read more…
Rachel Andrew
Design & Development: A Match Made in Heaven or Oil and Water?
We’ll be discussing how UXers and devs can learn from each other via prototyping, co-creation, creating space for hybrid roles, etc. Five Things Audience Members Will Learn Pro-tips from industry… Read more…
Design Front-End
Fireside Chat with Andrea McBride
Join Andrea McBride, VP Digital Development and Support at RBC & Chair for Women in Digital RBC is Canada’s largest bank, with 86,000 + employees and 17 million clients in… Read more…
FMP, TTI, WTF? Making Sense of Performance Metrics
We all know that web performance is important; faster websites are beneficial for all users, no matter the country or the internet speed. But making websites more performant can be… Read more…
Front-End Performance Web Dev
Ire Aderinokun
Gatsby – One Front-end to Rule Them All
Gatsby 4 is launching soon and we want to show you why and how to use the hallmark features, including Parallel Query Running, Server Side Rendering, Deferred Static Generation, and… Read more…
Gatsby & the Headless CMS
Gatsby is a React framework for building websites. If you build with traditional CMS’s like WordPress and Drupal and are looking to explore the headless CMS world, you face a… Read more…
JavaScript Web Dev
Kyle Mathews
Get to Know Omni Digital Technology at RBC
Think you know RBC? Don’t bank on it. We get it. We’re a bank. But not just any bank – a digitally enabled one with a few impressive accolades under… Read more…
Get Your <head> Straight
Despite being the only section of a website that a user never sees, the <head> is arguably the most important. It is bound to its own unique set of rules… Read more…
Harry Roberts
CSS Wizardry Ltd.
How to Go from Junior to Senior
This presentation is a detailed exploration of the main elements that Junior Engineers need to work on for progressing to senior roles, that nobody ever told them about. Objective Explore… Read more…
Soft Skills Career Development Work Better
How to Win Friends and Influence People with API First
Ever got into a (virtual) fist fight with your development team? Unclear requirements, repeated rework, and other miscommunications can really tax your working relationships. Learn how an API-first development approach… Read more…
API Agile Collaboration
Arlemi Turpault
Improve PageSpeed and Supercharge Your Images
Wondering how imgix, the end-to-end media management, optimization, and delivery platform could help with image optimization or improving your PageSpeed score? Join imgix’s team to see how image optimization can… Read more…
Meet and Greet with RBC’s Digital and Recruitment Teams
RBC is Canada’s largest bank, with 86,000 + employees and 17 million clients in Canada, the US and 34 other countries. We apply imagination and insight to cutting-edge technology to… Read more…
Microsoft Code Missions
Learn. Compete. Win with this self-paced, technical learning experience. Invest in your learning by joining Microsoft at Web Unleashed 2021 for some fun and friendly competition. Track your progress using… Read more…
Online Privacy: Strategies for Software Developers to Protect Their Users
Online privacy has become an ever-present, high-priority topic in the last decade. This can be felt through new data retention and disclosure laws coming into effect, as well as numerous… Read more…
Ethics Futurism Foundations Hacking Web Dev
Suz Hinton
Picture Perfect: Optimize Images for Core Web Vitals
Images have been a key part of the web for decades. Our brains interpret images much faster than text, which is why high-quality visuals drive conversions and user engagement. Just… Read more…
Addy Osmani
Redefining GraphQL: How We Rebuilt Shopify’s Developer Docs from the Ground Up
In June of 2021 Tiffany Tse’s team relaunched the first iteration of Shopify’s new developer documentation website, with a brand new design system built from scratch. In September, they launched… Read more…
Frameworks Libraries UX/UI
Tiffany Tse
Return of the Premises: How to Thrive in a Hybrid Work Environment
As it becomes safer to return to the office, many companies are opting to implement a hybrid work environment instead of having employees return to the office full time. There… Read more…
Collaboration Strategy Work Better
Shopify Theme Development Demo
Join us for a session hosted by Shopify to learn about the opportunities for developers building storefront experiences on Shopify. With the launch of Shopify’s Online Store 2.0, a new… Read more…
Taking CSS Seriously
CSS is serious software engineering, but it’s not always treated that way. Since CSS doesn’t strictly fit the definition of a programming language, there’s a temptation to underestimate the technical… Read more…
CSS Web Dev
Yaphi Berhanu
The Future of Web Performance
This panel talk will explore the current state of web performance, and how web performance will need to evolve to meet the challenges that are already on the horizon —… Read more…
What’s New in Postman
Last month, Postman released v9 of their API platform used by 17 million worldwide. Arlemi and Joyce will demo what’s new, and then share a few tips and tricks to… Read more…
Your First Contribution to Open Source: A Quickstart Guide
In this talk we will discuss how to become a successful open source contributor. What are the considerations you should take before starting? How do you get started or choose… Read more…
Collaboration Frameworks Open Source
Tracy Lee
This Dot Labs