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3D App Design & Development w/ Swift & Metal
Having built and deployed consumer apps centered around graphics, motion and form design Reza has learned a lot about building things for people (usable interfaces), maintaining source code and deploying… Read more…
Creative Code Frameworks Open Source
Reza Ali
Visual Designer & Software Engineer, Hi-Rez
Business Design Master Class
This is a full day workshop on Saturday April 18 from 10:00AM – 5:00PM and requires a WORKSHOP or WORKS ticket. Chris will teach you how to run a design… Read more…
Business Design Strategy Workshop
Chris Do
Founder, The Futur
Commercializing the Weird: Breaking the Production Mold
Happy accidents and creative breakthroughs through experimentation are the cornerstone of artistic progress. In the commercial world, the creative process is often forced through hoops of approvals and watered down… Read more…
Advertising Animation Failure
Nick DenBoer
Video Artist, Smearballs
Creative Electronics Workshop
This is a full day workshop on Saturday, April 18 from 10:00AM – 5:00PM and requires a WORKSHOP or WORKS ticket. FITC Toronto has commissioned you to build an experiential… Read more…
Experiential Hardware Maker Workshop
Hoss Gifford
Creative Technologist, Hoss Gifford
Design Science
Design is often perceived as subjective creation and decision-making, but great design is rigorous and has strong methods applied in systematic ways. Like experimental science, design is the systematic exploration… Read more…
Design Interaction Strategy
David Hogue
UX Design Lead, Google
Designing & Prototyping the Google Pixel Buds
Newly released in 2020, the Google Pixel Buds have been completely redesigned from the bottom up. With a focus on the product & interaction design, you’ll be taken behind-the-scenes to… Read more…
Product Design Hardware Process
Basheer Tome
Senior Hardware Interface Designer, Google
Drunk 3D Printing, and Other Lessons in Building a Fabrication Entertainment Studio
It began by taking 3D printers to a bar in Toronto, teaching anyone who walked in how to design. A few years of entrepreneurial experimentation later, MakeLab has grown into… Read more…
Business Experiential Marketing
Jonathan Moneta
Founder + Creative Director, MakeLab
Follow The Play
Robbie will discuss the power of play, how it relates to computation, and how he uses it to steer his design practice. He’ll go over strategies for re-thinking existing assumptions… Read more…
Creative Code Design Process
Robbie Tilton
Founder & Head of Design, Situated
From My Story to Yours: How to Keep AR/VR Connected to the World
From growing up in a juxtaposed world of crazy big love and creativity with unreal abuse at a young age for decades, Stobo quickly developed an interest in taking awful… Read more…
AR Art Inspire
Mandy Stobo
Visual Artist, Stobo Art
Full Circle
Australian digital artist Justin Maller has been creating for over twenty years. This presentation dives in to the massive body of work he produced over two decades, discussing the projects,… Read more…
Collaboration Failure Storytelling
Justin Maller
Chief Creative Officer / Digital Artist, DeviantArt
Interspace: Communication in a Post-Modern World
Emerging technologies such as VR/AR/MR, IoT and voice interaction are introducing new ways for humans to explore, communicate and interact with our world. While spatial and conversational computing are still… Read more…
Design Futurism Innovation
David Eriksson
Chief Creative Officer, North Kingdom
Merging with the Machine: Designing Wearable Tech
From spacesuits to LED-studded tech fashion, Sophy’s projects explore our evolving relationship with technology, and the ways we use it to express our identities. She enjoys the challenge of designing… Read more…
Design Inspire Wearables
Sophy Wong
Designer and Maker,
New Frameworks for Creative Coding
Matt DesLauriers, an artist and freelance creative coder, explores some of the open source tools he has been building for making generative designs, physical installations, interactive games, data visualizations, video… Read more…
Creative Code Open Source Process
Matt DesLauriers
Artist & Coder,
Past Expectations, Future Realities
To start, Erin wants to discuss the process of making the main title sequence, emphasizing the weight and the significance of 2020 especially at a conference focused on technology. She… Read more…
Design Inspire Motion
Erin Sarofsky
President, Owner, Executive Creative Director, Sarofsky Corp
Say Yes and Figure it Out Later
The journey of a renaissance woman Coming from a background in genetics, Hilal Koyuncu will dive into how being a generalist has helped her in her career as a designer… Read more…
Collaboration UX/UI Work Better
Hilal Koyuncu
UX Lead and Manager, Google
Space for Play
Design I/O has been creating large scale, interactive installations that push the boundaries of what is possible for over a decade. Design I/O’s work is driven by a love of… Read more…
AR Experiential Interaction
Theo Watson
Co-founder Design I/O, openFrameworks, Design I/O
Space in the Mind of a Machine
In taking the data that flows around us as his primary material and the neural network of a computerized mind as his collaborator, Refik paints with a thinking brush, offering… Read more…
AI Creative Code Machine Learning
Refik Anadol
Artist, Refik Anadol Studio
Start With Dystopia: Designing for a Future World
True innovation begins with an insight into a human problem that we see today. But, how can we look out five, 10 and even 20 years to pioneer lasting innovations… Read more…
Futurism Planning Storytelling
Nikolas Badminton
Futurist and CEO, Exponential Minds
Sustainability, Lies, and the Circular Economy
We’ve been experiencing a climate emergency for decades, and finally the media, the politicians, and various marketing engines are using climate stuff as talking points. Sometimes this is intermixed with… Read more…
Inspire Science Social Innovation
Sophi Kravitz
Director of Product, Hackaday
Talking Not Talking
Talking Not Talking is a creative support group hosted by artist and CEO of Working Not Working, Justin Gignac. In this session, he will be discussing the tricky subject of… Read more…
Vulnerability Creativity Social Innovation
Justin Gignac
Artist, Entrepreneur + CEO/Co-Founder, Working Not Working
The Dangers of Dismissing Dystopias
In Ray Bradbury’s The Toynbee Convector, a time traveller brings back evidence from the future, proving that humanity creates a utopia. Everyone believes him and rushes to create that future… Read more…
Design Futurism Storytelling
Leah Zaidi
Founder, Multiverse Design
The Matter Of Images
Images are the most important form of media on the internet, constituting more than 75% of all internet traffic. Nearly every modern application or website uses images to help reach… Read more…
Digital Imaging Design Front-End
Chris Zacharias
CEO / Co-Founder, imgix
The New Rules of Designing for AI & Machine Learning
AI and machine learning are dramatically changing how users interact with digital systems – but how are designers and product leaders adapting their practices in order to create solutions that… Read more…
AI Business UX/UI
Ramy Nassar
1000 Days Out
Thinking Outside the Screen: Getting Started with Design for Augmented Reality
For creatives looking to get started with new immersive mediums like augmented and virtual reality, there’s a lot of new things to learn, and it can be tempting to stay… Read more…
AR Design UX/UI
Kim Pimmel
Immersive Design Lead, Adobe
Transmedia & The Attention Economy
Every hour of every day, the battle rages on for our attention. We’re constantly bombarded with media and advertising, and every app, commercial, and cinematic universe DEMANDS our full attention.… Read more…
Ethics Gaming Storytelling
Stefan Grambart
Game Designer, Writer, Director,
Visualizing the Future of Augmented Reality
Back in 2012, augmented reality wasn’t a thing; two graphic design students decided to create a short film that will showcase the future – where augmented reality contact lenses have… Read more…
AR Futurism Film
Robot Genius
Filmmakers, Co-founders, Robot Genius
What About Gamification?
Gamification is ubiquitous, from social media to marketing, as it is a tool that can be very useful to engage users. Perhaps the most extreme embodiment of gamification is in… Read more…
Experiential Interaction Inspire
Martin Vézina
Partner / Technical Director, La Grange
Maxime Des Roches
Partner and Front-End Developer, La Grange
Workshop: Improv Your Design Skills
This is a half day workshop on Saturday April 18 from 10:00AM – 1:00PM and requires a WORKSHOP or WORKS ticket. What do a good improv comedian and designer have… Read more…
Collaboration Design UX/UI Workshop
Hilal Koyuncu
UX Lead and Manager, Google
Workshop: Intro to Creative Coding with P5.js
This is a full day workshop on Saturday April 18 from 10:00AM – 5:00PM and requires a WORKSHOP or WORKS ticket. Overview Learn to make interactive websites, real-time animations, generative… Read more…
Creative Code JavaScript Workshop
Matt DesLauriers
Artist & Coder,
XR for Social Good … Maybe
Can we utilize extended reality (XR) technologies to create positive social impact? Are there ways that these can be leveraged to help improve our lives or address some of the… Read more…
AR Social Innovation VR
Anastasia Victor
Co-Founder / XR Designer, PLACE