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5 great workshops. Very limited quantity.

Play with Walsh • Design with beeple  • Animate with PES
Code with Skinner • Design Watch Faces with Samsung

Workshops are held on Saturday April 7th

Workshop: Build Cool Stuff With CreateJS and Animate CC
Note: This workshop is 10am to 5pm on Saturday April 7th ( Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP Ticket). The modern web can be a pretty boring place. CreateJS and Adobe Animate CC provide a simple workflow to produce interactive animated content, including fun games, educational infographics, amusing animations, creative experiments, and [insert adjective] ads. Content is small, fast, mobile friendly, and can be easily integrated into larger projects to spice things up. This workshop will look at how to create animated… Read more…
Creative Code JavaScript Interaction
Grant Skinner
Workshop: Designing Watch Faces for Samsung Wearables
Note: This workshop is on Saturday, April 7th from 2:30pm to 5:30pm and requires a separate ticket.
Samsung Gear is at the forefront of the wearables industry with eight unique watch models, including the Samsung Sport, Samsung Gear S3 and Samsung Gear S2. With millions of devices sold, Samsung wearable is #2 in market share, (after Apple Watch). In this hands-on workshop, experts will provide an introduction to Samsung Gear and the Gear Watch Designer Tool – a tool that… Read more…
Design Wearables
Josue Bustos
Technical Evangelist, Samsung
Kavitha Gopalan
Android Developer and Technical Evangelist, Samsung
Workshop: One Infinite Loop
Note: This workshop is 10am to 5pm on Saturday April 7th ( Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP Ticket). In this day-long workshop, develop and create a short animated sequence with Oscar-nominated — and master of the short format film — PES. All media welcome. Bring your camera, your Wacom, your Prismacolors, or even your iPhone, whatever you like to create with. PES will work with you to produce your own animated clip based off a theme of his choice. Objective To… Read more…
Storytelling Animation Film
Director / Animator, PES Films
Workshop: Play By Your Own Rules
Note: This workshop is 10am to 1pm on Saturday April 7th ( Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP Ticket). When there are no rules or limitations on a project it’s easy to be overwhelmed by endless possibilities and harder to focus on coming up with great ideas and visual solutions.  In their work at Sagmeister & Walsh when they receive a very open creative brief they’ll often make up their own constraints, while also embracing the constraints given to them (budget, time, color pallets, etc) as… Read more…
Inspire Work Better Design
Jessica Walsh
Partner, Sagmeister & Walsh
Workshop: Starting an Everyday Project Using Cinema4D
Note: This workshop is 10am to 5pm on Saturday April 7th ( Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP Ticket). The purpose of this workshop is to help participants learning the basic fundamentals of Cinema4D to start their own everyday project. Mike will go over some of the basic concepts regarding 3D animation and rendering assuming no prior knowledge in these areas. Participants will be introduced to a streamlined version of an entire 3D workflow (modelling, materials, lighting, composition, rendering, post work). After… Read more…
Inspire 3D Rendering Design
Designer/Director, Beeple