FITC Toronto 2005

2005-04-09 00:00:00 2005-04-12 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2005 Now in its fourth year, FITC is the only Canadian Festival of its kind; combining cutting edge technical speakers with inspirational creative speakers from around the world. Even on the global stage, FITC stands as an original event. Toronto FITC Toronto

1 mc and 1 Flash Player
Audio is an important part of games today but can’t often get overlooked. During this presentation I’ll show some creative and fun ways to use audio and sound in your… Read more…
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Julian Dolce
Becoming TOOL
Back in November 2003, I received an e-mail from TOOL guitarist Adam Jones… starting a discussion about our studio taking over the TOOL websites and experimenting with a new online… Read more…
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
Behind the Music
In this session Craig will explore the unique relationship that sound has with the world we live in. Whether the goal is to use audio for Websites, games, personal projects… Read more…
Craig Swann
Beyond HitTest: proper collision detection (and response) in actionscript
One of the most important features of any action game is collision; sadly it is usually one of the weakest points in most flash games. One reason for this is… Read more…
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Raigan Burns
Breath of Complexity
With simple, carefully repeated steps, beautiful structures of complexity will arise. Tarbell explores the process of emergence within a simple system of creature parts. The detailed construction of legs, tails,… Read more…
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Jared Tarbell
Bridging the Gap: Bringing Designers Back to Code
Early versions of Flash provided a unique environment for designers; one where they could easily explore a close integration between design and code. As Flash becomes a more and more… Read more…
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Jeremy Thorp
Build swf applications with .Net languages and XAML
This session will introduce a powerful new way to develop Flash applications. Developers will learn to build swf files using .Net languages, including full applications using Xamlon components. These applications… Read more…
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Building and Deploying Flex Applications for the Desktop
Building and Deploying Flex Applications for the Desktop is intended for all Flash Developers who are interested in building Flex applications that will work in both the browser and on… Read more…
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Daniel Dura
Building Multilingual Flash Movies
Flash MX 2004 enables designers and developers to expand the reach of their content to global audiences, using dynamic text and image substitution for multi-lingual presentations. Over the last year,… Read more…
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Character Animation Limited
In this presentation, we will explore some techniques used in the “Limited Animation Style” in order to assist the neophyte animator in creating animations that are dynamic and interesing. We… Read more…
Ryosuke Aoike
Client Positioning & Client Relationships
What attracts clients to your service and leads them to choose it? The four elements are: price, brand, packaging and relationship. For each key ingredient of a successful business, Vardon… Read more…
Eric Vardon
This presentation is aimed at both Technical and Creative audiences and is intended to show that there is a wealth of possibilities in using colors in digital applications. The use… Read more…
Véronique Brossier
Composition of logics
Yugo will introduce some alternative approaches to interface design with some casestudies. Note that there will be a translator on stage with Yugo, thus this presentation will be aprox 1.5… Read more…
Yugo Nakamura
tha ltd.
Computational Information Design
The ability to collect, store, and manage data is increasing quickly, but our ability to understand it remains constant. In an attempt to gain better understanding of data, fields such… Read more…
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Are you wondering whatever happened to convergence? Was it just a pipe dream? Well, no, actually, convergence is happening, just not in the ways we expected. Nowhere is it more… Read more…
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File sharing: we all do it, some of us believe in it, but no matter your opinion about it, it is changing the way in which media are being produced… Read more…
The deekons movement which can be seen evolving on the internet on is primarily about expression, communication, exploration / experimentation, and art. The deekons works in various media such as audio,… Read more…
Design Futures
In a world where everything is designed, from genes to whole economies, designers are expanding their expertise and scope of work. What are the designers commitments in the “big picture”?… Read more…
Designing Your Business For Success
How much is good design worth? Know the value of your services and learn how to convince your clients. This panel is specifically geared for the freelancer or smaller design/development… Read more…
Digital Creatures
Programming to represent organic processes with Flash was a revolution, influencing design and catapulting ActionScripting forward. Champions of AI verisimilitude talk about the next generation of life/live capture. Read more…
Digital Creatures
Digital Creatures is a conceptual journey through the development evolution of the dynamically generated creatures featured on The presentation will be a visual overview of the main structural concepts… Read more…
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Gary Stasiuk
Double Vision
A presentation of two unique visions fused together to create two very different yet interconnected projects. The City Of Wings; an emotive interactive experience, is a fusion of art and… Read more…
Exploring Aesthetics with ActionScript and AI
A large amount of the layouts and designs created by The Department of Notation are realized with the help of specialized component-based machines that create random variations in size, position… Read more…
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Branden Hall
Automata Studios
Expression through information visualization
The internet is at present a non-hierarchized, indeed disorganized, collage. Many of us are working in an incredibly driven, information-soaked world – and those who are not, are often starving… Read more…
Marcos Weskamp
Extending Components
Through the power of inheritance, Darron will show you how to customize components to add or modify functionality with a minimal amount of code and effort. Two components will be… Read more…
Web Dev
Darron J Schall
Extreme Programming: So Crazy It Just Might Work
Extreme Programming (XP) is a recent methodology for software development that has become something of a movement. Some dismiss XP as a frivolous or even dangerous fad, while others pursue… Read more…
Web Dev
Robert Penner
Feedback Loops
A look behind the scenes at Presstube, Insertsilence and Read more…
James Paterson
Finders Keepers: Search Engine Advertising
Internet advertising is back with a vengeance, and the industry-wide recovery is been led by search engine advertising (SEA), simple text-only ads targeted to the billions of searches Web users… Read more…
Bill Sweetman
Finding your Flash Content
A long standing issue with deploying Flash content on the web has been integrating it with search engines. In this session you will learn the tips and tricks to prepare… Read more…
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Chris MacGregor
Flash is Mobile: Developing for Handsets
Macromedia is committed to building the same ubiquity for mobile handsets that Flash has on the desktop by providing a comprehensive suite of technologies that make it simple to create,… Read more…
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Bill Perry
Flash the Future
Join Mike Downey, Flash Product Manager, and Mike Chambers, head of Developer Relations for the Flash Platform as they examine innovations in interactive video experiences, new market opportunities for rich… Read more…
Flash Video for the rest of us
Though there are some amazing Flash Video applications on the web, it all starts with a clear understanding of the fundamentals of working with Flash Video.This session will demonstrate: -The… Read more…
Web Dev
Tom Green
Flash Video: The Whole Story
You have more than just a few options when including video in your Flash application–each with advantages and disadvantages. In this session you’ll learn the details for each as well… Read more…
Web Dev
Phillip Kerman
The screen is flat. The world is not. This discrepancy is typically addressed in interface design through the simulation of three dimensions within the two-dimensional screen relying on visual gimmicks… Read more…
Dean DiSimone
Foundation Actionscript for Designers
Macromedia Flash offers designers the unique opportunity to take control of their work. By merging the design and programming elements, a designer can now create and complete their vision of… Read more…
Web Dev
Matthew Zoern
Fun in Design and Technology
Show some of our past and recent works and also play with some interactive applications we are developing right now.  We want to build a funny presentation and also try to… Read more…
Mauro Gatti
Geek Graffiti
Geek Graffiti will be an overview of personal projects related to digital typography, interactivity, programming, and street art. The boundaries of the street and the web will be explored as… Read more…
Evan Roth
A brief history of Kleber, our experience working for the music industry, working closely with such labels as Warp Records, Ninja Tune, and how we have created a long-lasting relation… Read more…
Tom Muller
This presentation will showcase selected broadcast and design works spanning over the past 2 years… GMUNK will break down each piece, share the inspirations behind them, discuss client interaction, the… Read more…
Grafik Design After the End of Print
The man who ended print gives you a look at what’s been happening since… Read more…
David Carson
David Carson Design
GRAVITY; A Story About Relationships is chronicling the artistic love affair between Jemma Gura ( and Dustin Amery Hostetler ( Purpastoe is split up into installments, each one unique and yet part of the… Read more…
Inspire Upskirt
Six long years ago Hoss launched the website It was really, really good. So Hoss rested on his laurels not bothering his arse to update it, happy with all… Read more…
Hoss Gifford
human scale interactivity and display systems
I will be presenting my Thesis projects: My thesis consists of a series of interactive, environmental, media design installations / projects that explore human scale interactivity, display systems and interfaces.… Read more…
Nikolai Cornell
Information Visualization
Structuring information for media savvy Internet users in one thing, making it sensible for inexperienced users who are there to learn specific information and skills is another. Taking a page… Read more…
Integrating Flash Paper & Captivate content in your RIA
Flash Paper and Captivate are two very cool products from Macromedia that allow anybody to format their information in a nice interactive and engaging format with very little technical knowledge.… Read more…
Web Dev
Giacomo Guilizzoni
Introduction of Microsoft Avalon
“Avalon” is the code name for Microsoft’s unified presentation subsystem for Windows. “Avalon” unifies how Windows creates, displays, and manipulates documents, media, and user interfaces, which enables developers and designers… Read more…
Web Dev
Karsten Januszewski
Keep it simple, stupid! (Inbreeding, infotainment and the end of the world)
The eventual merging of television and the internet means that the advertising world as we know it is ending and new possibilities beginning. The fact that powerful equipment and technology… Read more…
Cameron Wilson
Language of Animation
The idea of this presentation is to briefly explain the language of animation and how it might apply in communication ideas/stories in both personal creative work and business practices. Individuals… Read more…
Norma V Toraya
Le Orchestre De Oculart and Net Art 1913
My presentation would expose the process behind creating a digital orchestra. Which includes animating “musicians” that react to the users touch and flow in front of the webcam. It would… Read more…
Champagne Valentine
Lines of Site
Traces, Maps and the social sphere in public space: We are social creatures and communication is key to our existence, this workshop will examine forms of communication on and offline.… Read more…
Making it happen
A practical guide to newmedia project management Project management is arguably the key function in the execution phase of newmedia production. Coordination of resources while managing client expectations can be… Read more…
Zoubin Zarin
Making it Move. ActionScripted Animation.
The basics of animating movieclips with ActionScript will be covered. Starting with how animation works in general, and several strategies for architecting scripted motion. Then moving into velocity, acceleration, gravity,… Read more…
Web Dev
Keith Peters
Making users make stuff
Flash is a great platform for building authoring tools that let kids and adults communicate with sound, visuals and text. It’s a good thing for self-expression and ultimately it’s a… Read more…
Jason Krogh
Mcluhan Multimedia
From its humble beginnings, to its nation-wide presence, the mcluhan.:multimedia:.festival has been about one thing: giving artistic youth an opportunity to receive the recognition that they deserve. M3F is dedicated… Read more…
Mission-Critical Flash Using a State-Based Application Architecture
Flash has come a long way since its early days of being only an animation tool, but being used in mission critical applications? In this session Chafic will detail his… Read more…
Web Dev
Chafic Kazoun
Motion for Designers
Typically , the best interactive and digital projects are those that are not only well designed, but incorporate an attraction between the lines of graphic design and functionality . No… Read more…
Erik Falat
Multiuser Concepts and Code
See Colin Moock’s latest multiuser work revealed live at FITC, and follow along with Colin as he explains the architecture and code behind it. The focus of Moock’s new work… Read more…
Web Dev
Colin Moock
Object Oriented Procrastination
Object Oriented Programming is commonly associated with application development (boring but profitable), but it can also be used to create less practical (and much more entertaining) pieces. This session examines… Read more…
Web Dev
Grant Skinner
Online Game Development at WDDG
The recent onset of extremely fast development times has led WDDG to develop various engines and modules for use in online game design. K.C. will explore the various techniques WDDG… Read more…
Kenneth Austin
An introduction to the Processing programming language and environment for people with previous experience with Flash’s Actionscript. It is assumed participants are familiar with variables, conditionals, loops, arrays, and objects… Read more…
Web Dev
Project3media is a Web-based collaborative project where visual, multimedia, mixed media artists and designers work together in order to share and grow as a group of creative individuals. The project… Read more…
I will discuss the use of Processing for creating responsive visuals based on real-time audio analysis in conjunction with external device input. Focus will be on the use of the… Read more…
Robert Hodgin
Sculpting Sound with Flash MX and MX 2004
The combination of sound and Actionscript opens the door for innovative interfaces that allow users to experience dynamic sound reactions that immediately respond to their input in an unexpected way.… Read more…
Web Dev
Carla Diana