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JAMstack Hits the Spot
Static sites have made a comeback as of late. This “return to simplicity’ is unsurprising given the current complexity of websites and applications that make maintenance quite the nightmare. Regardless,… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Web Dev
Divya Sasidharan
Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify
JAMstack in the Wild
JAMstack as a way of architecting front-end applications has been around for a while and is growing in popularity. But how are companies actually using it today? How are the… Read more…
JavaScript Performance Work Better
Bhavana Srinivas
Solutions Architect , Netlify
Start Using JAMstack NOW! No Excuses
Want to start using JAMstack and a Headless CMS, but the boss won’t let you do a full rebuild? No matter what the excuse, Joel show you how you CAN… Read more…
CMS DevOps JavaScript
Joel Varty
President, Agility CMS
The Headless Architecture
One of the greatest benefits of the JAMstack approach is leveraging APIs and pre-built markup techniques to scale sites that serve data from complex, specialized systems. When building a new… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Wordpress
Hasan Ahmad
Principal Consultant, Aquent DEV6
Use GitHub Actions to Build Any “Static” Site
What do static sites and Lego trains have in common? They both need to be built before you can play with them! This talk will focus on GitHub Actions as… Read more…
DevOps Web Dev
Jason Etcovitch
Senior Software Engineer, GitHub
When to Use Gatsby’s SSR APIs
Gatsby combines the speed and security of static websites with the power and flexibility of React applications. Learn when and how to use Gatsby’s SSR APIs to alter the contents… Read more…
Accessibility React Web Dev
Aisha Blake
Senior Software Engineer, Gatsby
Whither WordPress? Static CMS are Finally Ready to Shine!
JAMStack or static sites have offered all kinds of benefits from performance to security, but one of the key things that has held them back is the content creation/editing experience.… Read more…
Content Tools Web Dev
Brian Rinaldi
Developer Advocate, Stackbit