Spotlight: Responsive Design

2012-12-01 00:00:00 2012-12-02 00:00:00 America/Toronto Spotlight: Responsive Design ATTENTION: Looking for presentation slides from Spotlight: Responsive Design?
Here are a few that are available online. More will be posted as we receive them! Jason Grigsby – Presentation: ‘Mobile First Responsive Design’
Aidan Foster – Presentation: ‘New Tools For Responsive Design’ — Next up in…
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A Process for Responsive Design
It’s time to get practical and put process under the microscope to understand the nuances that help a responsive design project be successful. This talk discusses insights and lessons from… Read more…
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Verne Ho
Is Responsive Right for Everything?
Web design is getting harder. There was a time when you could check your work in Netscape and IE at maybe a handful of common desktop screen resolutions and call… Read more…
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Dave Shea
Mobile First Responsive Design
Mobile first and responsive web design aren’t simply two great tastes that go great together. No they represent much more than that. Mobile first responsive web design is the responsible… Read more…
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Jason Grigsby
New Tools For Responsive Design
Responsive design introduces new concepts and workflows to website development. Get an quick overview of tools and strategies to use on your next project. Learn about methods such as “in-browser”… Read more…
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Aidan Foster
Responsive Design as Ideology
Responsive design as product (thing), the result of practical technique, has won extensive industry attention. We’ve also examined how designer and developer must respond (act) within the context of a… Read more…
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Erik von Stackelberg
Responsive Design: The View I See Depends on the Glasses I Wear
There is no mobile Web, there is no desktop Web, and there is no tablet Web. We view the same Web just in different ways. So how do we do… Read more…
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Paul Laberge