Looking for presentation slides from Spotlight: Responsive Design?
Here are a few that are available online. More will be posted as we receive them!

Jason Grigsby – Presentation: ‘Mobile First Responsive Design’Aidan Foster – Presentation: ‘New Tools For Responsive Design’

Next up in the Spotlight event series, we bring you a day dedicated to responsive design. We’ve lined-up seven developers to go through the key things you need to know to start building responsive websites that optimize a user’s viewing experience across different devices.

During this one day event, you will learn the essentials of using media queries, setting breakpoints and using CSS to adapt your layouts. You’ll discover how frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap can make development easier and you’ll learn when using a responsive approach makes sense and in what scenarios another strategy might be better.

Apart of the Spotlight event series, this event focuses on a relevant tech topic for one day and gives interactive professionals and students the opportunity to build up their development skill set at a low price point, with a minimal time commitment.

Why should you attend Spotlight: Responsive Design?

Users expect to be able to access websites across all of their devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones, in a way that’s easy to read and navigate without having to resize, pan or scroll excessively, and companies are taking notice. This one day event will give you the know-how to start designing responsive websites, so you can keep up with consumer and client demands armed with the know-how to execute responsive design in current and future projects.

Who should attend?

This event is for developers across all platforms in all stages of their career. This event’s content will cover basic to intermediate topics in responsive design and front-end web development.