Spotlight: Web Performance
Web Dev
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Getting the most out of WebPageTest
Patrick will walk through using WebPageTest for performance analysis. The session will do a quick overview on basic usage and then dive deep into more advanced capabilities and features. We… Read more…
DevOps Intermediate Performance
Patrick Meenan
Software Engineer, Cloudflare
Hyper-Lightweight Websites
The average website loads over 1.5MBs of content per page, making over 75 requests. Many popular websites are serving over 5MBs just to load their homepages. And these numbers represent… Read more…
Front-End Performance Web Dev
Chris Zacharias
CEO / Co-Founder, imgix
It’s My (Third) Party, and I’ll Cry if I Want To
Like it or not, a huge part of modern web development involves the use of third-party providers: fonts, analytics, ads, tracking, and more all have an impact of performance, and… Read more…
Intermediate Performance Work Better
Harry Roberts
Consultant Front-End Architect, CSS Wizardry Ltd.