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AngularJS & Express: A Data-Driven Introduction
Developers like to start coding sooner than later. But sometimes starting off with the wrong information or no information at all can lead to problematic consequences. We really just need… Read more…
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Matias Niemelä
Software Engineer, AngularJS Google
Authentication and Authorization Architecture in the MEAN Stack
Yuri will discuss the challenges of authentication and authorization in the MEAN stack. Topics include architecture, best practices for determining client and server responsibilities, and the importance of sharing authorization… Read more…
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Yuri Takhteyev
Building your first MEAN application
This session will focus on the role of MongoDB within the MEAN stack. We will examine how easy it is to get started building scalable Web applications using MongoDB, Express,… Read more…
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Dmitry Baev
Senior Solutions Architect, MongoDB
Express 101
If you’ve heard of Node.js, you’ve heard of Express. It is the most important framework to build robust high performance apps. In Express 101 you will learn 1. What Express… Read more…
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Faisal Abid
Entrepreneur, Google Developer Expert,
Getting Started with Node.JS
This high-level introduction to node.js gives the casual JavaScript developer everything they need to start building web applications, JSON APIs, network servers and more. Let Derek Watson, tech lead at The Working… Read more…
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Derek Watson
Senior Dev, TWG
MongoDB: Advantages of an Open Source NoSQL Database
The presentation will present an overview of the MongoDB NoSQL database, its history and current status as the leading NoSQL database. It will focus on how NoSQL, and in particular… Read more…
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Kevin Cearns
Founder, Entuit Enterprise Solutions Inc
Node & Express as Workflow Tools
“Enterprise” and “Node.js” are generally two terms which are rarely seen together, but developing on an (what are considered) “enterprise level” stack doesn’t mean you can’t sneak some Node.js into… Read more…
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Topher Bullock
Agile Engineer, Pivotal Labs
Socket to me
Client/server communication is central to web applications, but up until fairly recently persistent two-way connections required dark magic. But the WebSocket API makes it easy, and Socket.IO makes it even easier.… Read more…
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Dann Toliver
Maker of Things, Bento Box