Join us for this intimate and interactive workshop that will run between 10am and 2pm, online.

Cross-platform apps are making a comeback, and as more companies adopt various cross-platform frameworks, one framework that is getting a lot of attention is Flutter, by Google.

Flutter’s humble origins were in May 2017, as a preview of a native cross-platform technology, running 60fps on iOS and Android. Since then, Flutter adoption has grown worldwide, with companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Square, Groupon, Ebay and BMW making it the cross-platform of choice – all this before it hit 1.0 in Dec 2018!

In this workshop, we will take a deep dive into Flutter, learning how you can write fully native cross-platform apps, build rich expressive UI, interact with a wide package ecosystem and learn how to publish your app on Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and Web!

Flutter: one codebase to rule them all.


Learn how to design and develop Flutter applications

Target Audience

Developers that know at least 1 programming language, and want to learn mobile development using Flutter

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Some basic programming experience. Even BASIC is fine 🙂

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. What Flutter is and how it compares to React Native
  2. Learn Dart, the programming language that powers Flutter
  3. Learning about reactive programming with Flutter
  4. Migrating existing apps to Flutter
  5. Deploying Flutter apps to Android and iOS App Store