Join internationally renowned ActionScript expert Colin Moock for an intensive full day of free ActionScript 3.0 training. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn how to program from one of the world’s top ActionScript instructors. Open yourself to a world of new possibilities through Moock’s unique methodology for demystifying intimidating concepts and code.

Based on Moock’s best-selling Essential ActionScript 3.0 (O’Reilly, 2007), this one-day event covers the fundamental skills you need to program for Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Topics covered include object-oriented programming, classes, objects, variables, methods, packages, conditionals, loops, operators, functions, event handling, displaying things on screen, and compiling and running programs.

Whether you’re a new Flash developer or just looking to formalize your ActionScript 3.0 knowledge, you’ll leave the day invigorated with new ideas and equipped to face new challenges.

This exclusive free event is sure to fill up so register early. Attendees will leave the day with:

* exposure to all major concepts of object programming
* an understanding of classes and objects
* an understanding of how to structure and write an ActionScript 3.0 Program
* exposure to the Flex Builder 2 development environment
* a pamphlet reviewing the days major concepts