Spotlight AR/VR 2016
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Spotlight AR/VR

9:00 To 9:59
10:00 To 10:45
Beyond The Printed Page
For a decade augmented reality has been confined to print media, using markers, coded images, and other elements to bring the idea to life. The impact of AR goes well beyond print. Just as Pokemon Go exposed the world to geo-located AR, this presentation will explore and explain the use of AR in other innovative applications. From object selection, user… Read more…
With: Stephen Martell & Dennis Hubley
10:55 To 11:40
Roomscale VR: DIY Dreamatoriums
Every geek worth their salt has dreamed of stepping into a holodeck. As consumer virtual reality starts to take off we’re still tethered to neon-lit gaming pc’s while we spin in office chairs, gamepad in hand. Even the most immersive experiences involve high stepping around a space hoping we don’t wrap ourselves up like an AT-AT. Fortunately, with room-scale experiences… Read more…
John Bolton
Senior Developer Globacore
11:50 To 12:35
Augmented Reality Storytelling
In this talk, Helen Papagiannis will present AR storytelling conventions looking at recurring themes/approaches (what we’ve seen so far), and emerging styles/mechanisms (what’s coming). This presentation aims to inspire the evolution of storytelling at a time when this medium is still new and malleable, and to ignite the imagination of attendees to build and design the future of AR storytelling.… Read more…
Dr. Helen Papagiannis, Ph.D.
Augmented Reality Specialist Augmented Stories
12:35 To 2:00
Lunch Break
2:00 To 2:45
Monetization Strategy For The VR Industry
We all realize VR & AR are going to change the world. We have all seen the light and had our ‘aha’ moments. If you are like most developers, you have jumped into VR feet first expecting it to blow up, and it is…but it’s taking time! In this interactive presentation, you will learn novel ways to monetize your product… Read more…
Alan Smithson
CEO & Co-­Founder MetaVRse
2:55 To 3:40
Getting Started With The Microsoft HoloLens
Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with your world in a whole new way. In this talk, Mickey will cover some key aspects of the HoloLens device and how it powers these amazing experiences. He will discuss the considerations of building mixed reality experience, walk through the workflow, and look at how you… Read more…
Mickey MacDonald
Technical Evangelist Microsoft
3:50 To 4:35
Building The Tech Into The Story
Telling an immersive story on a budget is a challenge in any medium. Add some broadcaster requirements and the nascency of VR and the task can feel nigh impossible. Good news everyone; it’s not! With the right approach, aesthetic decisions, and a heavy dose of planning; the goods can be delivered! Objective Let’s review how Halcyon, our short-form broadcast/web/VR series… Read more…
Stefan Grambart
Game Designer, Writer, Director
4:45 To 5:30
Augmented Reality Body Building
Augmented reality is the latest and most ambitious real-time technology to mediate our reality. New awarenesses and strategies are required to yield it’s power. For almost 15 years, before he knew there was a word for it, Jeremy worked as an artist exploring augmented reality as a comedic performer. He’ll share the discoveries that empower us all, the things about AR… Read more…
Jeremy Bailey
Creative Director FreshBooks