I apologize for not posting more, but the net connection at the Hilton was unstable for most of the third day.

I did want to blog about Niko Stumpo and his presentation We do it cause we love it. The Nokia marketing reel was very well designed and got an oustanding applause from the audience. I
found his work dynamic in the sense that the characters come alive in
various animated shorts. If you were walking around the exhibition area, you would have seen the large projecion screen with the guns. It was a game and stumped most people including me, a pretty cool distraction I say.



I also attended the fractal presentation, Playing with Chaos. It wasn't a wow and pop presentation but if you paid close attention there was a lot of information to take in. Fractals are fascinating and I would suggest that both designers and developers take a look at how they are created and how organic they really are for being so mathematically correct.


Finally I'd just like to say it was a great opportunity to be able to attend this event and blog about it.