Multiplayer FPS Gaming with Flash 10.1's peer-to-peer capabilities
The folks at Away3D with help from others, including Influxis, have released an impressive demo that showcases the latest version of Away3D and the new features of Flash 10.1 and Flash Media Server 4.

Unity 3 is released
A brand new version of Unity is out this week and it looks gorgeous. The tools and rendering engine all look set to bring some amazing new 3D experiences to the web and devices.

Processing for Android
Jer Thorp walks you through getting started with Processing development for the Android platform.

RIM announces the Blackberry Playbook
This seven inch tablet could be a game changer, particularly in enterprise. Big news though is it's support for Flash Player and AIR applications.
Live stream of announcement:
Story about QNX the new Blackberry OS:

Adobe Museum of Digital Media
One-of-a-Kind Digital Venue Will Go Live Oct. 6.

Story Behind  The Wilderness Downtown
Mr.doob provides a detailed post about the making of The Wilderness Downtown

Seb Lee-Delisle's iPhone app Kitten Conveyorbelt goes FREE
If you like kittens or you like conveyorbelts you must download this app.

Wireless in Canada State of the Nation 2010
Thomas Purves closed out FITC Mobile with a detailed look at where we're at and where we're headed with wireless technologies in Canada. Lots of detailed stats and useful information in his slidedeck.