Programmer, teacher, author and amateur filmmaker Phillip Kerman shared his tips for Video Production on the Cheap. Kerman created nearly a video each day for the past several months and posted most of them on his YouTube channel. With that many short, low budget videos under his belt, it's no surprise he had a few key learnings to share:

  • Don't over produce. Content is more important than production value.
  • If you're starting up, produce, produce, produce. Be creative and publish as much as you can. You'll learn new skills and hone them along the way.
  • Get good footage. Do not assume you can fix it in post production. Post production fixes are timely and therefore costly.
  • Set restrictions for yourself. Restrictions help projects move forward. Plus, projects with unlimited time/budgets/etc. don't necessarily produce better results.
  • Forget about HD. It's also time consuming, costly and of not much value on the web.

Kerman noted that there's a low quality production trend in web videos now, but that will likely change as video producers improve their skills. His biggest piece of advice was to get a Flip camera and start making videos now -- just get out there and try it!