1. 5, count em, 5 workshops to choose from.
  2. Audio recognition in flash. See it first at FITC!
  3. Minority Report interface designer.
  4. MediaTemple Wrap Party.....on a boat!
  5. The always inspiring and jaw dropping Cool Shit Hour and Cool Japanese Hour. Only at FITC!
  6. See some FWA ninjas from the top agencies in the world like Big SpaceshipFirstbornCrispin Porter + BoguskyNorth KingdomTribal DDB Canada, and Frog Design.
  7. CS5. FITC will be one of the first events to showcase the new Flash CS5!
  8. Includes access to Storytelling X.0
  9. FITC 2010 Awards Party hosted by the always talented and raw Hoss Gifford
  10. 70 world renown flash / design presenters. More content than any other flash / design event in the world!
Now we know that there are tons more reasons that you should come but we want to hear what you think!  Give us Reason 11 and we just might give you a free Festival Ticket to FITC Toronto 2010. To enter, tell us your reason on twitter and use the hashtag #reason11.
A winner will be announced on Friday, April 16th!