Interdisciplinary artist Sougwen Chung's work explores transitional edges. Her artistic practice spans installation, sculpture, still image, drawing and performance, informing her multi-faceted approach to experiential art.

As the artist behind the creative for FITC Amsterdam 2015, Sougwen shares her inspiration behind the design.

AM_1024x768“FITC is an event for creative people with a boundless curiosity and interdisciplinary spirit. This image represents a meeting point between art, design, and technology with David, an icon of renaissance art, at the centre.
Within a simple frame, cascading typography coalesces graphically with a multi-faceted circular composition, an abstraction representing the golden ratio.
The frame delineates the fourth wall, the rendered view of David as real. Beyond the skewed frame the technological underpinnings of the form, represented by the wireframe object, is visible.
The depiction of both rendered-real and abstracted virtual suggests the multifaceted abilities of the creative individual, constantly balancing the two contrasts. David’s gaze iimplicates the industry; it is directed off-frame, on unexplored horizons. “

You can catch Sougwen at her presentation Process, Poetics and Performance at FITC Amsterdam February 23-24, 2015.