Its lovely to have friends that are geeky enough to discover super cool new creations all the time; friends that know you well enough to know that you, too, love their geeky-cool findings; friends that feel comfortable enough exposing themselves for the geeks that they really are by sharing with you links about their hyper geeky encounters. If you're on the FITC website - and you are - then you know what I'm talking about.

This is exactly how this video made its way to my inbox.

[youtube GnZTul_9fWc]

What's amazing to me about it is how interaction design and storytelling is slowly starting to crawl out of the screen. This project embodies everything that I love: storytelling that beautifully integrates traditional narrative with interactivity, inventive use of emerging technologies and a seamless integration of physical experiences with digital media.

Compare any iPhone game to the experience of interacting with something tangible. It's impossible. It's like a nicotine patch instead of a cigarette or drinking wine out of a straw.

It's time for web design to think outside the screen box. How we touch our media is as important as how content responds to us.