FITC presenter Charles Freedman of Ribbit says:

"I'm really looking forward to FITC this year. It's going to be my 3rd time attending/speaking, and it's gotten better every year. While the conference attendance keeps going up, I still see and meet everyone I want, so there's a lot of networking, talking and learning between attendees. One of the best things about the event is it has such a creative vibe. You just get this feeling you're in the presence of awesome creativity. Many of the sessions have this inspirational feeling to them, mostly because you're seeing and hearing things you've never seen nor thought was possible.

There's also a huge student presence there, which I think lends to the energy and fun atmosphere. Having young, up and coming talent is great when combined with some of the powerhouse veteran presenters that make it a point to speak there.

This year's FITC is going to be huge for me. After presenting Yahoo and Ribbit APIs, I'm doing something way different. Something's brewing in me I can't ignore... and I've got a need to break open Flash and do some new and hopefully very cool stuff. I'm talking about the microphone and the different types of advanced interactivity you can generate in Flash. Just a few weeks ago, I launched a community initiative called and I'm using that momentum to showcase some cool projects, test out a number of new things and try and generate some inspiring takes on taking advantage of microphone ability in Flash Player. We're taking submissions on the site, so if you've done something great with the mic, send it to me and maybe I'll present it on stage.

What I plan to show is going to be awesome and you'll get to see it first at this year's FITC 2009 in Toronto!
See you there!"