Not that we don't all love the copious amounts of updates to CS5.5 to support mobile design and development but there is one gem in this latest set of releases from Adobe for their old flagship, Photoshop. Not to be left behind by the mobile world, Photoshop is getting something called the Photoshop Touch SDK. This little add on provides hooks for a variety of mobile platforms to interact with Photoshop on your desktop or laptop.

To prove how awesome this SDK is, Adobe had cranked out  three apps to show off some of the potential. Adobe Color Lava allows your device to become a mixing palette where you can blend colours and create swatchs and themes for use in Photoshop. Adobe Eazel allows a device to become a new touch based drawing and painting canvas. Adobe Nav brings some of Photoshops tool palettes onto the device.

These apps will initially be available for the iPad via iTunes in early May. Adobe will also provide an update for Photoshop CS5 users to be able to take advantage of these apps. The apps will range in price from $1.99 - $4.99US.

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