Brett Rampata from Adobe treated us to a hilarious and often disgusting demonstration of the new casual social game that was co-developed by MTV, Adobe, WEFAIL Ltd. and Automata Studios.

The game was develop to fulfil four business needs:

  1. Drive web traffic to
  2. Create a viral distribution model.
  3. Enable taste-makers to become influencers.
  4. Reinforce the Jackass brand.

The game allows end users to create virtual pranks which they can send to their friends who also have the application installed. Friends (or "victims" as the application labels them) can choose to watch the prank or not, or send it back to the receiver. Interaction with the application is posted to your Facebook wall and you increase your prank rank each time you interact with the game.

The game's "victim" network was busy during the presentation and Rampata was being interrupted with pranks like poo grenades and dick brandings (remember this was created for Jackass) throughout the presentation.

The social game also showed off some new Flash features including the bone/skeleton tool for ragdoll animations and a realistic fluid engine for that Rampata called "fecal dynamics". He was even wearing and gave away free "fecal dynamics" t-shirts.

Even if you can't stomach the type of pranks that this game has to offer, you have to appreciate how well the application both integrates the brand to end users and allows those users to share that interaction with their friends. Both of these can be applied equally well to other applications... with less vomit in them.

The game will ship shortly if you're interested in checking the application out.