Daniel Schutzsmith is the goto guy for design business. The publisher of Graphic Define, professor at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, writer for Dynamic Graphics Magazine, the New Business Executive for The Barbarian Group and a kick ass FITC presenter. There's only one explanation for being able to do so much: Daniel is a cyber-tronic being sent from the future by Shawn "Pucknell" Connor to terminate all bad self promotion.

"Can your secretary tell you what it is? If so, then you're onto something meaningful and memorable. If not, then it sucks!" - Guy Kawasaki

So far this has been he most informative and applicable presentation I've experienced this year. Everything from defining your mantra, demographic, your real product to creating a successful plan, marketing tools and worksheets to help out. Thankfully Daniel uploaded his presentation and all worksheets that'll help guide you through effective promotion.

Uploaded presentation and worksheets: http://fitc.graphicdefine.org

Twitter: schutzsmith
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