Hello world!

I am pumped to be writing this introductory blog post as FITC’s brand-spanking new, manager of conversation. Yes, that is my official job title.

Now, you may be wondering, “what in the H-E-double hockey sticks does a manager of conversation do?” Well, it’s a mix of a few different, but related roles. From traditional public relations and communications to social media management, I will be working on finding ways to best connect with you, FITC’s fans and supporters.

In the next little while you will notice that FITC’s online networks are more active and I fully encourage you to put me through the ropes. I want to hear all about what you want to hear about, and I also want to learn all about what you would like to see from FITC, online and off.

I look forward to connecting with you over the coming months. Don’t be a stranger, get in touch with me directly at lindsay@fitc.ca or connect with FITC online to stay up to date on what’s going down.

Here’s where you can find us: