The awesome folks at litl are having a webinar later this week and we totally think you should go. They have a Flash-based SDK and will be offering a special live video session with code examples. "We’ll be walking through one of our sample web-apps, or 'channels', and answering questions about the litl SDK's custom controls." And they'll even be giving away a free ticket to FITC San Francisco!

In case you aren't familiar with litl, . The cool thing about it that I don't think many people notice right away is that it is an actual complete webbook with keyboard and trackpad (its flipped over in the picture).

I'll be attending on Thursday, so I hope to see ya there!

Thursday July 15th @ 3:00PM EST
Register now! (30 available)

Friday July 16th @ 10:00AM EST
Register now! (30 available)