John Maeda in Adobe Museum of Digital Media

There's a brand new exhibit in the AMDM featuring visionary design thinker and former FITC speaker John Maeda. The exhibit features a three part lecture titled A+B=C and is worth spending some time with.

Leading Edge Flash

While some people are calling for the death of Flash many more are embracing it more than ever. Rob Ford from FWA posts his thoughts and some amazing examples of what people have been doing with Flash lately over at the Adobe Edge newsletter.

Blackberry Playbook Release Dates

If you didn't get an app into the Blackberry store in time to get your free Playbook you can now pre-order one instead. Pricing is on par with the iPad and wifi only versions will release on April 19th with the 4G version coming later.

Audiotool hits 2.0

Flash based audio production tool extradinaire, has hit version 2.0. Among the new features and numerous small improvements are the ability to import your own samples, hook up midi-control devices, record to the timeline and a brand new mixing console.

Flex On The iPad (and more)

Long time Flex guru, Christophe Coenraets has posted a video showing a Flex application running on the iPad 2. It makes use of gesture controls, browser views and the onboard cameras. He actually shows a video conference session between the iPad and an iPod Touch as well as collaboration services to share control of the UI.