Joshua Davis and Branden Hall have been busy working away on a project called the Hype Framework and now Joshua will be travelling the world to show you all how to use it and more. Here's the course description:

Write your own programs using Flash AS3 Objects/Classes, to create unique interactive and animated compositions. In this workshop, students will use Adobe Flash CS4, ActionScript AS3 and the HYPE Framework (the HYPE Framework is a collaborative visual framework developed by Branden Hall and Joshua Davis).

So far workshops are scheduled for Toronto and L.A. If you are going to L.A. for MAX, you can go a few days early and attend the workshop there on Oct 1-2. Or come check things out in Toronto on Nov 14-15.

If you can't make it to either of these, be sure to voice your opinions on where you'd like to have the workshop. Currently under consideration are: New Orleans, Chicago, Amsterdam, Manchester, Portugal, Berlin, Singapore, Malaysia, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, New Zealand and more.

For more details about the workshops or to submit your city requests go here: