Flash vs HTML 5. Does your head hurt? So does Lee Brimelows. So he wants to talk about it at FITC San Francisco. Lee will be presenting My Head Hurts, it will be a frank and open look at both technologies, whats good, whats bad, and how we can focus on using each to their full potential. The presentation description speaks volumes for the atmosphere we're looking to create for this talk. Its surely not one to miss at FITC San Francisco!

The current state of our industry is enough to send even the most level-headed people running for the psychiatric ward of their local hospital. Confusion is everywhere, caused partly by FUD-spreading fanatics and a host of incompetent tech reporters. This session will aim to clear up some of this mess by attempting to answer questions like:

  • What should I use Flash for nowadays?
  • Should I use Flash or Flex?
  • Should I learn to make native phone apps or use AIR?
  • What is the real story behind HTML 5?
  • What is the future of Flash?
  • When should I not use Flash?
  • Etc. etc. etc.

More importantly you will be able to ask your own questions as well. So if you have been feeling pissed, puzzled, or perplexed as of late, this session will hopefully provide some much needed therapy.

Checkout the video Lee's of awesome presentation from FITC and you'll see why he's a stand-up guy!