In case you missed the big news from the Mobile World Congress over the weekend, Adobe have made a number of official announcements about the future of Flash and AIR on mobile devices. Beta versions of Flash Player 10.1 have been made available to partners and it's expected to start appearing on various mobile devices over the next few months. In addition, AIR is planned for Android and Blackberry release in the second half of 2010.

Ryan Stewart, as usual, gives a great overall summary of what this all means. Kevin Hoyt has posted a video demo of AIR running on the Motorola Droid. The AIR Team has a post with some more specifics, including screenshots of some apps that beta partners have already built.

With announcements from major video players such as Brightcove detailing their plans to ensure their platforms support video for Flash Player 10.1 on mobile devices it's clear that Flash is positioning itself to be a core part of the video ecosystem for some time to come despite the efforts of Apple to fight this.

Possibly even more compelling is the efforts being put forth by the computing industry to make sure they aren't left behind in the tablet market the way they were left scrambling to play catch up to the iPod and iPhone. A number of hardware builders are choosing to use Android as their OS and are putting Flash and AIR front and center on these devices.

With Flash CS5's ability to publish native iPhone apps, the only hole left in the Flash ecosystem is the lack of in-browser Flash on the iPhone. For video delivery this won't be a huge deal as it's easy enough to swap out the right player/video file as needed but it still presents a pretty massive problem for thousands of other Flash apps out there. We can only hope that pressure from the rest of the players in the mobile industry and from consumers will ultimately force Apple to get friendly with Adobe again.