We are very excited to announce that the team at FITC has stepped up and offered to host Toronto Mini Maker Faire in 2013!

Toronto Mini Maker Faire is the ultimate celebration of making, crafting, DIY-ing, tinkering, hacking and sharing. It’s a weekend where makers of all kinds show off their projects and hold how-to workshops, with hands-on activities for all ages.

In its simplest form, Maker Faire creates conversations with Makers. It is a show-and-tell format for people of all ages that brings out the “kid” in all of us. Maker Faire is a community-based learning event that inspires everyone to become a maker and connect to people and projects in their local community.

Want to learn more about what ‘Mini Maker Faire’ is all about?
Check it out: http://minimakerfairetoronto.ca/

We are currently in the application process with folks at Maker Faire to host the event in 2013, and are actively doing research into venues. In order for Mini Maker Faire to take place, we need your support. If you are interested in MMF or you want to help FITC bring the culture of ‘making’ back to Toronto in 2013, we ask that you take a moment to complete a short survey: http://fitc.it/g187K

Stay tuned! We will be posting more information about the progress of Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013 as it becomes available!