Addy Osmani is a JavaScript developer who works for AOL, and FITC recently gave you the chance to ask him anything via Reddit. Covering everything from why he works at AOL to what makes a great JavaScript developer, Addy candidly answers the top ten questions submitted and voted up online in the video below.

Don't miss Addy Osmani in person at FITC Toronto, he’ll be presenting Leave No Feature Behind: Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps.

Next up in the AMA series, FITC is giving you the opportunity to Ask Designer James White Anything. James White is Canadian artist and designer based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He is the 1-man wrecking crew behind the Signalnoise Studio where he produces visual artistry for professional and personal projects. He's also the man behind the new FITC logo and the artwork for FITC Toronto, the event where he'll be speaking about what it means to be a 'Design Renegade.'

We’ve set up a thread on Reddit for you to submit your questions and also vote up or down the questions of others. The deadline to submit is February 28, 2012, after which Jameswill be answering the top questions via video that will be posted on our YouTube channel. Submit your questions here.