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One should be careful when saying yes; before you know it you might find yourself with a very large pile of work. What seemed at first a favour quickly becomes labor. What seemed interesting just reveals your ignorance. The next thing you know you have designed a skatepark, a mass transit system or are suddenly doing a TED talk. Worse yet you might wake up in 1867.

Of the most creative people Jared knows all of them share the trait of working a lot but enjoying their work. The equation for work life balance is not arithmetic but calculus. This session is a telling of several stories of pursuing a hobby, a passion or simply saying maybe to an unusual request that later led to interesting projects in design and life. All of these journeys led him far out of his comfort zone and ultimately started with with a single moment of initiative followed by a lot work. Even though at many points they filled up every waking hour with work they have created much more satisfaction than sitting around. Laptops are welcome. We know you have work to do…


To use up about 45 minutes of your free time in feeling productive.

Target Audience

Dedicated designers & developers interested in expanding their opportunities for interesting work.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Before attending this session one should understand there is little difference between work & play.