Spotlight UX/UI
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Improving the Product Experience: From Sales to Design
Are you using all of your customer-facing channels to inform your UX decisions? Turns out your user research team could be much larger than you think and include customer service,… Read more…
UX/UI Design Process
Zuzana Sekerova
Program Manager - Experiments, Atlassian
Prototyping for Speed & Scale
Prototyping is the most effective design method for cultivating a shared understanding of your idea, validating your design thinking, and communicating your vision to users and stakeholders alike. This session… Read more…
Creative Code Work Better UX/UI
Carl Sziebert
Staff UX Engineer, Google
Your UX Belongs in a Museum
Most museums spend millions of dollars creating immersive experiences for their visitors, whether it’s through visuals, sound, aroma or interactive exhibits. If time is the new currency, and moments of… Read more…
UX/UI Experiential Process
Matt Hryhorsky
Design Director, Filament